ISNT (Oramics) – Groove Resident Podcast 41

Producer and DJ ISNT, founder of the Oramics collective that has just unveiled its Same Baby database, goes hard in mix for Groove.

Mantra – Groove Podcast 379

The London-based Rupture and EQ50 co-founder Mantra delivers an energetic mix full of deep cuts and brand new material.

Zoë Mc Pherson – Groove Podcast 377

SFX label owner Zoë Mc Pherson's Groove mix is a recording of a memorable night at RSO.Berlin last October.

Zvrra – Groove Podcast 376

Having just released a futuristic drone EP on 30D ExoPlanets, Zvrra delivers a risky Groove mix full of dark sounds and hard grooves.
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Krake: Berliner Festival widmet sich dem Thema der Inklusion

Menschen mit Behinderung sind vom Nachtleben oft ausgeschlossen. Das Berliner Krake Festival nimmt sich in diesem Jahr dem Thema an.

Terence Fixmer – Groove Podcast 375

French producer and live performer Terence Fixmer was aiming for a "soulful vibe" with his contribution to our Groove podcast.

XL Order – Groove Podcast 373

The anonymous duo XL Order showcase their broad influences on the Groove podcast and share some exciting news in our in-depth interview.

Elisa Bee – Groove Podcast 372

Ahead of the release of her new Stolen Goods EP, Milan-based producer and DJ Elisa Bee condenses an all-nighter into a highly energetic mix
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Zaliva-D – Groove Podcast 371

SVBKVLT affiliates Zaliva-D's Li Chao delivers a deeply psychedelic and slightly eerie improvised live set for the Groove podcast.

BitterCaress – Groove Podcast 370

Montréal-based DJ and MFC Records label owner BitterCaress delivers a belting 50 mix of trance-infused techno on three decks.

Pikkauch B2B noa (HALL) – Groove Resident Podcast 38

HALL resident Pikkauch and noa go back to back to represent the Tallinn club with an acid-heavy mix on the Groove Resident Podcast.

Andrew Red Hand – Groove Podcast 369

Andrew Red Hand in full effect: The Romanian producer's Groove mix showcases his take on raw and punky electro.
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Mayo – Groove Podcast 368

"Not fast but never boring" is Amsterdam-based selector and Fides-affiliate Mayo's motto for her Groove mix.

Soreab – Groove Podcast 367

Baroque Sunburst co-founder and prolific producer Soreab takes things—somewhat—slowly with his Groove mix.

Ludwig A.F. – Groove Podcast 366

Frankfurt-based Ludwig A.F. is working steadily on his proper debut LP. Also as a DJ he likes to keep things fresh as his Groove mix proves.